We Are Stronger Together!

As a part of Soar' N Skies 2020 fundraising campaign, we will be hosting several events and raffles throughout the year. In light of the movement to support equality and unity amongst all races, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, we will be fundraising for a cause.


Being an African American business owner, the Black Lives Matter Movement impacts Tasha on a personal level. In support of unity and solidarity, we will be raising money to support Soar' N Skies Adventure Park, a locally black-owned business. A percentage of all proceeds will also go to the Diversity Committee of the Sauk Valley and the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund.


I am so proud to see our community come together in light of such an important cause. Your purchase will directly support a local minority business endeavoring to improve our community and local economy.


To make a purchase, please visit wearestrongertogether.itemorder.com.


There will be an option to ship or pick up at the end of the campaign. All items will be bagged and labeled individually per order for ease of pickup. For more information, feel free to contact Tasha directly at soarnskies@gmail.com. Please make sure to share and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Support local business! Proud to be a member of the Sauk Valley and Rock Falls Chambers of Commerce!


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